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To make the most of the tranquility and natural surroundings of the valley, we are offering visitors nature-themed events here at Dittiscombe.

We’ve invited experts to share their knowledge. Click on the links below to book a session here at Dittiscombe on selected dates:

Forest Bathing – Reconnect with Nature from the Inside Out with Donna McCheyne
Various Dates

Forest Bathing at Dittiscombe EstateDonna will guide you through the magic of Dittiscombe woods to help you build resilience from within, deepen your appreciation and gratitude for nature, boost your immune system, reduce stress, and increase balance, focus and clarity in your life.

The sessions are held on selected Saturday dates between 10am – 2pm, and cost £40 per person.  Book direct with Donna here.

If you have already booked a cottage at Dittiscombe during one of the Forest Bathing dates you are most welcome to join the session – just go direct to Donna’s website link above to check dates and book your space.

Nature Walks Around the Valley with local ecologist Ken Neal
Various dates

Family nature walk at Dittiscombe EstateBring a little ‘wild’ in to a wildlife walk around the Estate with Ken to deepen your understanding about the simple things you can do to help nature, increase biodiversity and encourage wildlife within your own gardens and green spaces at home.

Bat & Moth evening on Sunday 29th May – we’ll be searching for emerging bats and night flying moths with detectors and moth traps with Dr Ken Neal. Ideal for families.

Last year Ken held a number of family nature and bats walks around Dittiscombe. He is an excellent guide, making it easy to understand and learn about the world of Nature whilst being entertaining and informative.

Be prepared to be hands-on and ask questions!

The walks are on selected Sunday dates and times, cost £10 per adult, children go free. Please book your ticket direct with Dittiscombe here.

Discover more about Small-Scale Rewilding with Ruth Saunders
Various dates

Rewilding walks and talks at Dittiscombe EstateRuth will take you on a guided tour around the valley to see how the landscape at Dittiscombe has changed over the last 25 years, and how the wildlife has benefitted from a hands-off approach.

The land was farmed at one time but was gifted back to nature by Ruth & Jon in 1998. It now supports a mosaic of habitats for wildlife. The valley has evolved into a new-look landscape through natural processes, and you’ll be able to see that being a bit messy is good for wildlife!

The guided walks are on selected dates, 2 hours from 10am, and cost £10 per person, children go free.

Please book your ticket direct with Dittiscombe here

Volunteer to work on the Estate on habitat creation projects next Winter

  • Donna McCheyneForest Bathing: An invitation to immerse yourself in the embrace of the woods, with Donna McCheyne

  • Nature Walks at DittiscombeA Walk Around the Valley revealing nature in all its glory, with Ken Neal

  • Rewilding walks and talks at Dittiscombe EstateHands-off! A look at how non-intervention can help rewild the landscape, with Ruth Saunders

Ken was an excellent guide on our nature trail around the Dittiscombe estate. He was both informal and informative which made it easy for all members of the family to understand and learn something new from the biodiversity around us. It was really interesting to learn about simple things one can do in our own gardens to help nature and increase bio diversity and encourage wildlife

Keys-Toyer FamilyMay 2021

We had a wonderful Wild walk guided by local ecologist Ken showing us how the plants and trees interact with the environment. It is a wonderful place to walk in, and be surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Chris & MarniAugust 2021

Dittiscombe Estate is an inspirational rewilding site where natural processes have helped to create a mosaic of ponds and boggy areas, scrubland, meadows, woodlands and hazel coppice.

Trainees from the Ambios Nature Conservation Course May 2022

Thank you so much for our walk around your wonderful corner of Devon.  What an amazing lot has happened over your 25 years. It would have been interesting to see how it was when you arrived.  It was really interesting and helpful.

Andrea S, BlackawtonApril 2022

I found the [Forest Bathing] experience totally relaxing and inspiring, not least due to Donna’s instruction, the beautiful location and the honesty of the others in the group. It’s not for everyone but it should be as it brings together nature, humanity and laughter which is something we all need, particularly now.

Sue GNovember 2021

I really enjoyed the whole Forest bathing experience. A great balance of mindfulness exercises and meditations in a lovely
setting. I left feeling grounded and refreshed, and learned some new practices to do when out in nature. I can’t wait to get
back amongst the trees again! I’d definitely recommend it to anybody who wants to relax and feel more grounded in
themselves and strengthen their connection to nature.

Sarah PMarch 2022
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